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Peter Ford
Peter FordThe Fitness Trainer
“SEO Optimizers SEO and SEM skills are amazing. He was able to get my new site number 1 rankings on many organic search terms within 3 months! I was shocked how knowledgeable and bright they are at search engine optimization. I highly recommend this services to anyone with a website that needs top placements in the search engines.”
Alan Weinstock
Alan WeinstockMedicare Supplement Plans

“My name is Dr Paul and I just used the talent of SEO Optimizers as my SEO developer and what a difference. I went from nowhere to on the front page and even the #1 position. What a difference. I’m no longer embarrassed about my web page placement and I whole heartily recommend SEO Optimizers as your SEO developer.”

Dr. Paul Alderete
Dr. Paul AldereteSpine Mover

Great company, this company helped me bring lots of traffic to my website and made my company profitable I recommend this company to everyone, my website’s sales increased to 25% within 2 months.

Rondell Fletcher
Rondell FletcherShralpin Skateboarding

Excellent search engine optimization firm and it is located locally in Los Angeles….Cant get better than that.

Christine DeGrado
Christine DeGradoWestern Beauty Institute