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"Picked Up New Clients Online Within A Few Weeks! Business Is Thriving Using SEO"

From 5,621 Monthly SEO Visitors

To 54,722 Monthly SEO Visitors

Google Organic Traffic

"3 Search Results Forward Customers To My Website At The Top Of First Page Of Google!"

From 4,904 Monthly SEO Visitors 

To 12,270 Monthly SEO Visitors

Google Organic Traffic Rankings

"Brandon Brought Me From The Stone Ages Into The 21st Century When With SEO"

From 5,899 Monthly SEO Visitors 

To 19,154 Monthly SEO Visitors

Google Organic Traffic II

"Increased Website Traffic From 31 Keywords To 130 Keywords. Value Of $2.3k Monthly"

Chris SEO Revie

"Turning Point In My SEO Journey...Expertise Is Unmatched...Genuine Care For Client Success"

From 2,076 Monthly SEO Visitors 

To 5,241 Monthly SEO Visitors

Google Organic Traffic III

"Helped 2 Of My Business Websites Rank On Top Of Google & Yelp Within A Few Months"

Marc SEO Review

"Growing My Traffic Via SEO...You Need To Talk To Brandon...He Is Very Knowledgable"

"My Sites Rank In Google Within 2 Months For Multiple Keywords. This Got Me New Clients!"

Joseph W Testimonial

"I Was Able To Get On Page 1 Of Google For Multiple Search Terms With Brandon!"

Jason N Testimonial

He Did Our SEO And We Rank #1 On Google

4 Corners Deposition SEO Review

"I Recommend Brandon To All Our Clients That Are In Need Of SEO & Marketing Services"

"Significant Increase In My Rankings On Google, Bing, Yahoo & More!"

Jenna P Testimonial

Had A Consultation With Brandon...Game Changer...Followed Up After Our Talk! It's A Must

Facebook SEO Review

"I Recommend Brandon Not Only From A Numbers Standpoint...SEO Results"

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SEO Optimizers
Based on 69 reviews
review us on
Brandon taught a “nuts and bolts “ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) class for entrepreneurs and I learned so much in a short amount of time. While I had some basic knowledge about this topic, his tips and tricks helped fill in my learning gaps. Thank you Brandon.
Thank you Brandon for connecting on coming onto my podcast, it's been a gift to cross paths and the timing was perfect. I've seen the results others have and I'm already seeing an impact from being connected. Thanks for all you do.
SEO Optimizers really helped me with my Google ranking. Brandon was super quick and easy to communicate with, gave a TON of helpful tips and tricks, explained what needed to be done and then did his work. Within only a few months, my Google stats went up and up. The results were definetely noticable. Plus: Brandon got me several new partnerships, which additionally helped my business a lot. I was especially impressed with the fact that they were able to write guest blogs for me, since my business is all about local history. That must've required a lot of researching, but SEO Optimizers got it done and always delivered. I cannot recommend Brandon and SEO Optimizers enough!
Brandon was great!! Very knowledgeable and explained everything precisely!! I would highly recommend his services.
Brandon is an Expert, a Master @ His Trade. I've never felt like my pencil, (my keystrokes) couldn't keep up while he's presenting; he's the fountain of youth on SEO! His webinar on SCORE was insightful, perfect for novices like myself, and I'm sure even the greatest experts will pick up a tip or two with his invaluable knowledge. I highly recommend you take time to listen, gather, and implement his strategies. Give him a call! Your $$'s will 10X from his help.
The response time has been outstanding, demonstrating excellent communication skills. Additionally, the ability to effectively problem-solve the visibility of my website.
Brandon Leibovitz's consultation was a turning point in my SEO journey. His expertise in backlinks and keywords is unmatched. I learned the importance of quality over quantity in building backlinks and got valuable insights into choosing the right keywords. What stood out the most for me is not just his knowledge but also his genuine care for his clients' success. The personalized consultation was invaluable, and I'm eager to apply the strategies he shared. Thank you again Brandon.
Online Score Seo prentation on optimization was informative
In just a one hour call, Brandon was able to guide me in making some significant changes to my website which will drastically improve my search results. I'm excited to keep working with him as we continue to improve my website!
I've worked with SEO Optimizers over the last few years and I'm never disappointed. Brandon is informative, knowledgeable, and always so helpful and patient. The information is relevant and current with today's trends. Looking forward to continuing to work with SEO Optimizers.
Practical, approachable, and valuable. What every emerging business owner needs to actually grow.
Great information
Our agency need and provide many guest post regularly
I was impressed not only by the internet wizardry and SEO expertise I saw in the work I received, but also in the responsiveness and personal service that came with that great work. Definitely got more visibility and exposure online with these SEO services — will come back for more of my business marketing needs!
I recently worked with SEO Optimizers to improve the search engine rankings of my website in Los Angeles, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with their services. From the moment I reached out to them, the team was incredibly professional, responsive, and knowledgeable about all things SEO.They conducted a thorough audit of my website and identified key areas for improvement, including on-page optimization, content creation, and backlink building. They also provided me with regular reports to track our progress and keep me informed about the work they were doing.The results speak for themselves - after just a few months of working with SEO Optimizers, my website's search engine rankings improved significantly, and I began to see an increase in organic traffic to my site. I am confident that this trend will continue as we continue to work together.Overall, I would highly recommend Brandon from SEO Optimizers to anyone looking to improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their website. The team is top-notch, and the results are truly impressive. Thank you, SEO Optimizers!
The webinar Brandon did on SEO, helped me out considerably. I learned so much. I plan on going back and rewatching it to catch things I missed the first time through. If you have a business website and struggling with SEO to have you business found, Brandon does an excellent job of explaining what you need to do, to grow your business!!
I attended a free informational webinar by Brandon Leibowitz which was extremely helpful. He was able to present this information with ease in laymen's terms, however did not restrict the knowledge he shared. I would highly recommend working with him.
My company was in need of help to get more website visitors and we found SEO Optimizers who have helped us for the past year increase our website rankings. Brandon has been very helpful and communicative with us at all times answering my many questions. I am grateful for the time and effort they spend on my website as I am now ranking for many keywords on Google
Brandon takes the time to deal with details so the big picture can be seen properly. Thank you, Brandon
I got so much out of my consultation with Brandon and highly recommend hiring him. He is very knowledgeable about SEO and shared a lot of info with me in a short time. I really felt like I walked away with targeted action steps to improve my business' SEO.
Brandon's professionalism and responsiveness to all of my questions was top notch. While I ended up pausing my quest for SEO services, there's no doubt I will definitely come back to Brandon and SEO Optimizers when I'm ready for ads and SEO.
I have tooling around w several free SEO webinars hesitant to invest in a class. After meeting Brandon through a webinar hosted by General Assembly I was confident enough to enroll in his course. I am so happy I did. I have already made my investment back in advice I was able to offer clients. The class was awesome. I loved how he used websites that the students suggested to show all examples.
I met Brandon on He's blowing my mind with his knowledge and understanding of SEO. Great value, responsive and very professional. Thank you for the connection. I highly recommend connecting with Brandon for SEO training and services or just to talk.
Brandon @ SEO Optimizers is truly an expert in this field. He has a way of explaining complex concepts in ways that anyone can understand. He has been a great help in explaining & understanding the world of SEO
Wonderful webinar on Instagram, top notch!
Super knowledgeable, easy going and friendly. I was able to get on page 1 of Google for multiple search terms with Brandon's experience, advice, and help!
Absolute 5-Star SEO service; after all these years of wanting to learn, I have FINALLY gotten the foundations behind SEO. I HIGHLY recommend Brandon's Free-WED-Workshops, and his very-Affordably-Priced-$$-weekend classes. Water-to-Wine, A+ Service. What more could anyone ask for?
Brandon helped so much with our company's SEO! Great that he Los Angeles based as well. Hit him up if you need help with your Search Engine Optimization. I will be recommending him to everyone! Thanks Brandon
I took a great class with Brandon. In just a few hours he shared a plethora of useful, actionable information to improve SEO.
Brandon is amazing! I was looking for someone to breakdown SEO and Digital Marketing for my organizations and he delivered! He explains his process really well tying strategy to goals and returns.
I had tried for years to wrap my head around SEO with little progress but after taking Brandon's General Assembly SEO Bootcamp class, it was the first time I understood what needed to be done and how to do it. In the last two months, my e-commerce store went from 31 keywords to 130 with 3.5K estimated monthly clicks and an estimated monthly click value of $2.3K. Thanks Brandon!
I had a great experience taking Brandon's SEO Basics class - it was a life changing experience as far as experiences go in learning about ways to grow my business through digital marketing. Brandon was beyond knowledgeable and it's clear that he's so experienced with SEO. He demystified it - I learned that so many of the "rules" I was taught to follow were actually dated. I'm definitely enrolling in his advanced, 6-hour SEO course next week to learn more from him hands on! He showed me the unique back links on my websites using a great tool he developed. I highly recommend Brandon and SEO Optimizers to get the best SEO education!
I took a class hosted by SCORE/ SBA with Brandon and felt his information very useful. He was very good at explaining the basics and the steps to help you optimize your own website. He is also very friendly and easy going that made it comfortable for everyone in the class to ask questions.
Brandon is a great teacher, and well versed in SEO. Highly recommended!
Very informative, great class to get a jumping start on SEO also dialogue between students and instructors helped with ideas.
I found SEO Optimizers from being subscribed to a mailing list. I saw that Brandon was hosting 1 on 1 training on SEO, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to attend so I can bring back new knowledge and skills to my company. I really liked that it was on a more personal level due to the class size and I was able to ask questions. I definitely acquired new knowledge that I had not known about, so I am very excited to apply new tips and tricks to my company's website. Brandon is very experienced in SEO's and other aspects of digital marketing. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is looking to improve SEO in Los Angeles.
Amazing knowledge on SEO, a lot of experience and it shows.
Brandon is such an amazing SEO coach. His lecture is very easy to understand while it’s extremely informative! I am happy that I took his course!
First off, I have been doing web development for about 20 years now. All of the work I have done was as a webmaster who engineered sites. So, it is safe to say I understand the subject matter at least a little bit.Today I went to a workshop put on by SEO Optimizers on an invite from someone I know. I was totally impressed with what I heard! As a webmaster I would have to make sure that what made for my clients showed up in search results, but this guy today took it to a whole new level and from a perspective that I never had before.From start to finish the workshop talked about everything that I had ever had to deal with as a webmaster, but in far more detail. It kind of made me feel a little embarrassed that I had been in the industry so long and couldn't verbalize as well as what I heard today by even a tenth.If you do go to a workshop and lack savvy, bring a web dev with you. Not only will your dev verify what you are hearing as correct, but your dev will get red pilled on SEO. You need your devs to get that and SEO Optimizers are the ones to do it.
I took a workshop that Brandon taught about SEO optimization and was very impressed. Not only did he teach me immediate, actionable things I could do to make my website more visible, his accessible style and obvious passion for what he does was apparent. I would highly recommend SEO Optimizers!
I took Brandon's General Assembly SEO Bootcamp class and was totally blown away. He is definitely an expert in this field, and has so much knowledge that you cannot find just by reading articles or by doing Google searches. Highly recommend!
Brandon's very knowledgable, and genuine. Multiple members of our staff have attended the "SEO 101" by Brandon over the past two years - great!
Brandon provides more depth in his paid SEO class as a follow up to the free class offered through General Assembly. I highly recommend it because it is loaded with useful information that you can initiate before deciding whether you want to hire someone to do this for you. The information let's you get a feel for the "organic process" of using backlinks generated from posting on other people's blogs and ensuring that you know how to search for, recognize, and imbed keywords that are relevant to your business. Brandon is very knowledgable and shows you how to avoid some of scams out there that promise all kinds of backlinking miracles. He emphasizes the tried and true, honest approach that can lead to organic growth. Worth the money!

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SEO Optimizers
Based on 26 reviews
review us on
SEO Optimizers really helped me with my Google ranking. Brandon was super quick and easy to communicate with, gave a TON of helpful tips and tricks,...
Brandon, I want to express my gratitude for joining me on my podcast; our connection has truly been a blessing, and the timing couldn't have been more...
Brandon was great!! Very knowledgeable and explained everything precisely!! I would highly recommend his services.
I attended Brandon's course "Automate Your SEO with AI" through Small Business Association's SCORE webinars ( is an excellent...
If you're looking for an SEO company in Los Angeles, then I would highly recommend this company. We have been working with Brandon and his team for over 5...
I recently had an excellent consultation with Brandon Leibowitz, where he generously addressed all my inquiries about SEO and enhancing website traffic. The...
Brandon was instrumental in helping me transition to Googles G4 analytics. He's expertise in SEO management and strategy saved me time and money.
Thank you, Brandon, for your presentation at SCORE today. It was very clear, easy to follow, and understand.
The webinar Brandon did on SEO, helped me out considerably. I learned so much. I plan on going back and rewatching it to catch things I missed the first...
Brandon helped me with my google AdWords in particular Call Only to help me get real leads and not just people clicking on my site. He also helped me with...
Brandon takes the time to make the small details work, so all can see the big picture. Thank you, Brandon.
A good use of an hour on Sunday night to get reminded of what all business owners need to. Plus the Patriots already lost badly to the Dolphins earlier today.
I attended one of Brandon's webinars and found him knowledgeable in a way that he can skim the cream off the top of the information and make it accessible....
I just hired Brandon to do a consultation. He was able to offer clear cut practical ways to get to #1 on google. I highly recommend him. My mind is blown...
I have tooling around w several free SEO webinars hesitant to invest in a class. After meeting Brandon through a webinar hosted by General Assembly I was...
Brandon is an expert with SEO. During the lockdown, He HELPED ME GROW MY FITNESS & YOGA BUSINESS, Performance Yoga, get more viewership online, get more...
Super knowledgeable, easy-going, and friendly. I was able to get on page 1 of Google for multiple search terms with Brandon's experience, advice, and help!
Brandon is beyond knowledgeable with all things SEO and Social Media Marketing. He's accommodating and knows how to get more eyes on my site and more clicks...
Incredible! Extremely knowledgeable and lucid.
I took a great class on SEO optimization with Brandon. In just a few hours we learned a ton of practical, actionable tools to improve SEO. After the class I...
I just attended Brandon's class online. I live in Los Angeles, California, I have a non profit organization and was looking for a local company. It was...
I was looking to find a SEO service company near me in Santa Monica to help better my websites traffic. I have been in business for 8 years but never had...
I attended one of Brandon's webinars because I wanted to learn more about the mechanics of SEO and ended up getting inspired to update my personal website....
I had tried for years to wrap my head around SEO with little progress but after taking Brandon's General Assembly SEO Bootcamp class, it was the first time...
Very informative on current seo practices. Helped me with good ideas for keyword research and how to collect important data. Thanks again!
Took SEO basics class with Brandon, and he was able to easily break down different aspects so they made sense to everyone regardless of experience level. He...
If you own your business and need Seo assistance Brandon is the best in his field and I highly recommend him and his team!When I was looking for...
Super knowledgeable, easy-going and friendly. I was able to get on page 1 of Google for my search term with Brandon's help!
Where do I begin! For starters Brandon is by far the nicest person ever. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough when asked to elaborate on any topic...
I took the SEO Optimization 101 Training class with Brandon. I found him through a mailing list and what caught my attention was the 1 on 1 aspect of it. We...
I took Brandon's General Assembly SEO Bootcamp class and was totally blown away. He is definitely an expert in this field, and has so much knowledge that...
I attended Brandon's "SEO and Social Media Marketing Workshop" on Saturday, in Santa Monica. It was terrific! Brandon delivered a great lecture, answered...
SEO Optimizers provided a great service for my social media campaign. They offered an addition of 25-30 followers per day in my requested area and they came...

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